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"Hack this Movie"

An i4 Films Production

The Plan

Hack this Movie is a film being created using an open source model for creation and distribution. The Hack this Movie project is not a standard open source structure but rather, a hacked form of the open source model. Inspirations for the model are Kickstarter, the GNU project, The Age of Stupid and Sita Sings the Blues. The film will be crowd sourced for individual contributions of art, time, energy, money and thought.

Transparency, shared resources, gratitude and public gifting are key features of the community of artists and supporters of the film. What this means is that the funding, spending, accomplishments, and decisions of the film will be posted online. This includes budgets, directives, memos and scripts. Supporters unless they ask to be anonymous, will have their contributions and names posted online. Contributors and supporters of the film will be recognized for their donations through gifting. After the Hack this Movie project has met it's financial goals and commitments, the film will be given to the public. Then anybody will be able to hack the footage of the film to their hearts content.". More

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An i4 Films Production